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PerformanceEdge enhances quality management features


The PerformanceEdge Group of Aspect Software has announced the general availability of expanded quality management features through PerformanceEdge Aspect Quality Management 2.8, part of the PerformanceEdge suite.

It offers a newly released add-on module, Customer Measured Quality 2.8, which provides users the built-in ability to email post-interaction Web-based surveys to customers and correlate feedback directly to that recorded interaction. This functionality allows contact centers to gather accurate and rapid feedback from their callers and to calibrate the results with quality scores pre-determined by supervisors.
Aspect Quality Management 2.8 also supports Unicode character sets and is localized in German, including full language support, and user interface and document translation, and offers new integrations to third-party vendor automated call distribution (ACD) platforms such as Cisco CallManager and Genesys, and a refreshed Apropos integration.
“PerformanceEdge has helped us identify areas for agent training, and also recognize the agents that are providing outstanding customer service,” says Marian Leon, information central manager, National Association of Realtors. “The latest version of Aspect Quality Management and the Customer Measured Quality module will offer even greater capabilities for us to monitor and review agent calls, and we’re confident that it will help us improve our services and build customer satisfaction.”
In addition, the latest release of Aspect Quality Management delivers:
* Increased security including the ability to stream audio/video upon playback and utilize user-based downloading permissions
* Enhanced compliance capabilities such as “Do Not Record” exclusion rules for pre- and post-call evaluation
* Advanced desktop client features such as customized screen capture of the active windows on an agent desktop or on multiple monitors
“Our contact center customers around the world are looking for advanced quality management and recording capabilities to make their agents more effective and to deliver a positive customer experience,” says Brian Derr, vice president of quality management, PerformanceEdge Group. “Aspect Software is committed to enhancing the customer experience, and with the Customer Measured Quality module, companies are equipped with a sophisticated tool to determine areas for process improvement, with feedback directly from the customer. The Customer Measured Quality 2.8 module gives organizations like the National Association of Realtors a way to gain a better understanding of customer-company interactions.
“With expanded internationalization features and increased integrations with other applications, the newest version of Aspect Quality Management 2.8 helps companies further pinpoint areas for training and agent development, and will enable our global customer base to rapidly and cost-effectively adapt in a competitive environment."