Mindset Network, a South African educational NGO, has been named as an Industry Innovator for System Development & Application by the Society of Satellite Professionals International. 

Mindset develops and distributes educational resources via various technology platforms, including broadcast and datacast, for use in the school, health and vocational sectors. The materials are available in video, print and in computer-based multimedia formats.
Video content is currently transmitted to more than 2 million households in sub-Saharan Africa and about 1250 schools in South Africa via the Multichoice Learning Channel through Intelsat’s satellite network. Intelsat, the leading provider of fixed satellite services (FSS) worldwide and the longest supplier of satellite services to Africa (since 1965) is a founding partner of Mindset. Intelsat has been carrying Mindset content on the Intelsat 7 satellite at 68.5°E since 2003.
Mindset also provides educational content for health care providers, workers and the general public through a dedicated transmission which transmits to over 307 clinics and hospitals across South Africa.
Mindset installs receiving equipment, such as PCs, televisions and satellite dishes, at host sites through donor funding and sponsorships.
The delivery platform has evolved from a purely broadcast service to a datacast solution which encompasses the best of Digital Video Broadcast (DVB) and Internet Protocol (IP) technology. IP data is now embedded into a DVB signal and can thus be distributed through a DVB broadcast system. In essence this means that video content (images) and documents (texts) can be broadcast via satellite to a television and/or a computer.
The innovation award will be presented to Mindset’s CEO, Vis Naidoo, at a gala event in Washington, DC on 26 February. The Award recognises outstanding contributions to the field of satellite communications by both private-sector and public-sector organizations. Winning in the non-profit sector, Mindset is being recognised for using satellite communications to transform education on national and international levels. Because of Mindset, educational and healthcare professionals are becoming more knowledgeable and in turn educating the next generation, which ultimately is creating social change.
“Satellite technology and access to broadband has been crucial to our success and we are delighted that our innovative educational approach has been recognized by the world’s leading satellite professionals,” says Naidoo.