ViewSonic, a global provider of visual display products, offers South African users a competitively priced 17-inch LCD monitor – VA1701wb, which provides a myriad of features that will enhance their overall display experience whilst also providing a suitable alternative to the fast exiting CRT monitors.

Available to the local channel from distributor Drive Control Corporation (DCC), the LCD's 8 millisecond (ms) response, 250 nits (candelas per metre squared) of brightness and 500:1 contrast RATIO contribute to the monitor's strong front-screen performance, delivering a quality viewing experience.
This cost-effective 17-inch wide screen can be used in the home and corporate environment, making it the ideal replacement model for CRT monitors that will soon become obsolete. The 16:10 widescreen aspect and smooth, full-motion functionality allows for the display of multiple windows. The monitor is both Mac and Windows compliant and, in keeping with the trend of aesthetically pleasing yet compact technology, the VA1701wb comes with a stylish, slim bezel that fits easily on any desktop while also enhancing the overall décor.
Says Bruce Byrne, Visual Communications Specialist at DCC: "The VA1701wb is an elegant and affordable LCD monitor that is suited to a variety of marketplaces and environments. The significant drop in price of LCD monitors has positioned the 17-inch as an attractive proposition to those wanting to replace the older CRT technology with LCD technology. Home users and the Small Medium Enterprises (SME) in particular are showing interest. The monitor also offers innovative technologies that will undoubtedly enhance users' overall experience."
The ViewSonic VA1701wb incorporates the following technologies: Standard Red Green Blue (sRGB) colour management chip technology which ensures colour accuracy from screen to print when used with other sRGB-compliant peripherals. On screen display (OSD)/Power Lock Function – when activated, the user-controlled lock function prevents changes to monitor settings, maintaining an optimised image. OnView controls, including ViewMatch Technology which allows for screen adjustments made via an on-screen menu.
ViewSonic recently appointed Drive Control Corporation as part of its channel model restructuring efforts and renewed commitment to the SA marketplace. For more ViewSonic product information visit