There is good news for small to medium-sized companies looking to invest in a CRM solution. EOH company, Navigor has launched Oracle’s Siebel-on-demand solution, which offers SMEs CRM as a rental option, giving SMEs an opportunity to utilise a true CRM solution and not duplicating anything in Excel, Navigor will also offer a hosting solution, making 2008 the year to invest in CRM.

Ken Cullinan, executive director: EOH Navigor explains that Oracle’s new Siebel-on-demand solution was the company’s response to the growing demand for CRM applications in the SME and mid-market space.
“CRM is a critical tool for business. It assists with everything from targeting specific marketing messages to business forecasting. This makes it arguably even more important in a smaller company, as it enables the business to effectively manage its customer base – retaining and developing lasting relationships, crucial to the company’s ultimate success and survival. Oracle’s new ‘rental’ approach to these applications now ensures that all sized businesses have access to CRM’s benefits.”
SMEs and medium sized businesses will now effectively be able to “rent” the CRM applications they need paying a monthly user fee. The applications are web-based, making quick and easy access possible thanks to the improved connectivity and speed of broadband.
Cullinan adds that while the biggest draw card remains the low cost of entry, smaller offices are now set to benefit from all of the advantages that these Oracle CRM solutions bring – without being tied into a contract or having to worry about maintenance.
“As a SME or mid-sized company, you’ll now have access to a world-class system for what amounts to a virtually negligible cost at the end of the day. The solutions are exceptionally easy to use, can be set-up according to your specific needs and will make a real difference from the minute you start using them.”
While Cullinan explains that the applications can’t be “customised” in the traditional sense of the word, these intuitive systems can be modified and categorised during the set-up process – something with which Navigor is able to assist.
“We have a number of consultants available to businesses wishing to get their hosted CRM system up and running. They’re able to come in for a few hours and train staff, as well as assist in setting up all the processes on the company’s systems.”
He adds that the only real remaining barrier to entry that Navigor is already addressing is the mindset change from ownership to renting. “SME and mid-sized companies need to see the business benefits implicit in these hosted solutions – ones they’d never have access to if they had to save up to buy and implement these applications themselves. They’re effectively being offered the opportunity to do business ‘large corporation style’ from their home offices.”
Navigor and Oracle’s Siebel-on-demand thus seem set to change business as SMEs and mid-sized companies know it. With cutting-edge CRM solutions now at these businesses’ fingertips, the days of the spreadsheet would seem to be numbered.