Brothers Devin and Brad Pillemer are cleaning up in the computer market – literally. 

Keys 2 Clean is a young, Proudly South African start-up that offers computer-cleaning services to all kinds of workplaces from schools to franchises and big corporates, and aims to uplift previously disadvantaged individuals.
Devin comes fresh from studying psychology through UNISA and religious studies; and Brad hails from a financial background. Both are motivated to bring change to the lives of their employees, many of whom moonlight as security guards – and who now also work as dedicated computer cleaners.
Since July 2007, the brothers have developed the kernel of their idea to offer a niche service to organisations, while identifying individuals with untapped potential who were keen to become part of a dynamic start-up. The nine young men employed so far now earn up to four times as much per hour as they did when they worked only as security guards.