Life assurance company Clientèle Life has achieved upwards of 40% on its cellular telecommunications bill following the implementation of a least cost routing solution from Orion Telecom.

Clientèle Life, which sells “no frills”, low-cost, low-advice insurance, markets its products to a broad cross-section of South Africans from a single location in Johannesburg through a combination of telephone, television and technology.
“Our business model has always been less costly and complex than traditional insurance companies,” says Fergus McLoskey, IT manager at Clientèle Life. “It therefore made sense for Clientèle Life to roll out a least cost routing solution. Many of our products are sold on a callback basis and over 65% of our clients require us to contact them on their cellphones. Since implementing the solution, we have seen a significant saving compared to what our spend was on calls routed via Telkom.”
Clientèle Life chose to move all its least cost routing requirements to Orion Telecom after having had a contract in place with an Orion competitor.
“Because of our experience in this field as well as the fact that we are a tier one service provider, we are in a better position to be able to guarantee certain service levels and commercial agreements that a lot of our competitors are unable to provide. In addition, Orion offers a consultative and holistic approach to our clients’ telecoms needs,” says Orion Telecom national sales manager Steve Macfie.
Macfie says Orion takes full ownership for projects and does its own scoping, installations and after sales service to ensure a seamless and transparent user experience from the installation through to the maintenance of a site.
Orion’s service desk analyses traffic volumes and usage patterns to provide an optimum installation, ensuring clients are maximising savings at all times. “If at any stage a discrepancy is detected, Clientèle Life is automatically notified and a technician is immediately sent out to address the issue,” says McLoskey. “We also have service analysts on our account who are responsible for the daily analysis and management of our reports.”
Macfie notes that the best return on investment on a solution is often to be gained from greater access to information to help manage a solution, service or supplier. “Clientèle Life can quantify the value of the service it is receiving from Orion because of this, and that is key to obtaining the full value of the relationship.”