Independent information security solutions distribution company, Condyn, has announced its ten year exclusive support and distribution partnership with Internet Security Systems (ISS) has come to an end.

Says Jorina van Rensburg, CEO of Condyn: "The acquisition by IBM of ISS in 2006 necessitated the re-negotiation of the agreement governing the support services offered by Condyn in respect of ISS. Regrettably, despite rigorous efforts, insufficient common ground and mutual benefit could be established between Condyn and IBM and the re-negotiation efforts have been terminated.
"After a ten year relationship a decision of this nature is not taken lightly, but ultimately we had to do what we believe to be in the best interests of Condyn, our partners and our customers." She adds: "We wish IBM well in their future endeavours.
"While Condyn can no longer provide support for ISS products Condyn’s customers may rest assured that Condyn remains fully committed to support its clients and partners in resolving their information security concerns, professionally and effectively."