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Nokia Siemens Networks addresses energy efficiency


As one of the largest telecommunications infrastructure companies in the world, Nokia Siemens Networks is at the forefront of developing communications services that are environmentally sustainable. Being a key participant of the Cairo ICT conference and exhibition, Nokia Siemens Networks is committed to minimizing its ecological footprint in an icreasingly connected world.

The biggest environmental impact of the telecommunications industry comes from the energy consumption related to the use of its products. As the world’s leading communications solution provider, and with a vision to connect 5 billion people by 2015, Nokia Siemens Networks recognizes the environmental responsibility related to that vision and has developed a sustainable business approach that consists of minimizing the environmental impact of its network solutions and services.
The solution focuses in particular on energy consumption in the most power-hungry areas of the network and provides substantial environmental benefits as well as reducing operating costs for network operators.
“Energy efficiency plays an important role in the protection of the environment. Energy consumption also has significant financial implications for communications service providers. So if a service provider can achieve reductions in its energy consumption, this will have a direct impact on operational expenditure, as well as minimising CO2 emissions,” says Thomas Ernst, Head of Egypt, Levant and Iran sub-region.
Nokia Siemens Networks has identified four key ways to achieve energy efficiency for its customers and end users:
* Minimising the number of base station sites;
* Minimising the need for air conditioning to cool the sites;
* Using the latest base station technology; and
* Deploying software features that optimize the use of radio access for wireless communications.
“The energy consumption of a base station site can be reduced by up to 70 percent with Nokia Siemens Networks’ Energy Efficiency solution. This significant reduction in energy consumption creates a more environmentally friendly network operation and lower operating costs for Nokia Siemens Networks’ operator customers. So whether providers are extending network coverage or improving existing networks, our Energy Efficiency offering will provide the tools to minimize energy consumption at both site and network level” adds Ernst.
Commenting on the local situation in Egypt, Khaled Rabie, Country Director for Nokia Siemens Networks in Egypt, says: “We see that the number of mobile subscribers in Egypt will continue to grow. The Egyptian market is already a very competitive one – with 3 mobile & 1 fixed service providers present. With the second fixed line introduced, the competition will be further increased and is expected to benefit the end-users by improving the flexibility and availability of services and by bringing the costs down”
“To demonstrate our commitment to the environment, Nokia Siemens Networks will be demonstrating the following solutions at the exhibition: Environment, Mobile Backhauling, and Network Management. The solutions will present our customers with an overview of how Nokia Siemens Networks achieves operational efficiency through our optimized transport networks and our intelligent network management systems."