As we reported yesterday, Hewlett-Packard SA is to appoint Axiz as its third Imaging and Print Group (IPG) distributor, but the deal will only be finalised in the next week.

HP SA's SPO country manager, Mark Perry confirmed that final contracts between the two companies will be inked "by the end of next week."
"The situation is, quite simply, that we've agreed to go ahead [with a distribution deal] between ourselves and Axiz, but we haven't put pen to paper at this stage," Perry says. "We have informed our other IPG distributors (Drive Control and Tarsus) about our decision, but we're still waiting for approval at EMEA level and then we will sign contracts. This should all be done by the end of next week – within five working days."
But while he confirmed the appointment of Axiz, Perry says that reports of Axiz placing an initial order with HP for $6-million are erroneous.
"We cannot process an order without a signed contract, so there is no way for Axiz placing an order right now," Perry says. "They can't do it – that's how the system works.
"So even if they wanted to place an order of that magnitude, they can't," he says.