A primary concern for all users is the security of their documents and printer networks. Kyocera’s colour multifunctional products (MFPs) offer extensive support for physical and network security at the device level to meet this challenge. This is critical in enabling enhanced protection of end-users’ sensitive documents against accidental interception or intentional theft.

Specifically, the new Data Security Kit software – supported on the new MFP ranges, such as the KM-C4035E, KM-C3232E, and KM-C2525E – has achieved the international Evaluation Assurance Level 3 (EAL3) security certification, in compliance with the International Common Criteria for Information Technology Security Evaluation (ISO 15408). Kyocera’s Data Security Kit is standardised to prevent unauthorised access to confidential data written to a device’s hard disk drive (HDD)
“Security risk exposure results from both deliberate attempts to gain unauthorised access to networks, devices and documents, as well as the classic situation of user negligence,” says Michael Powell, product marketing manager at Kyocera Mita South Africa. “Just think what can happen if someone prints confidential documents and leaves them in the printer tray unattended.”
The Data Security Kit addresses security risks at several levels. Password access to a user’s document inbox on the device prevents unauthorised access, while lightweight directory access protocol (LDAP) enables devices to leverage the security features of Microsoft Active Directory to handle user permissions on the network – whether the access is from fixed or mobile devices. Administrators can set data overwrite capabilities so that confidential data is erased after a job is completed.
“Physical security starts with preventing unattended printing of confidential documents,” says Powell. “Our technology provides security against loss, including risks involving privacy, manipulation or unauthorised distribution of electronic data at the device level. Kyocera’s EAL3 Data Security Kit certification applies to this suite of security solutions and we have other offerings within this category, including: e-MPS secure print, the KX Driver Security Watermark and PDF encryption.”
“Network security is provided by LDAP, password protection and our devices’ abilities to perform IP filtering. IP filtering means that only certain PCs or servers have permission to connect to the MFP, eliminating the risk of illegal access.”
With the centralisation of data resources and networking of printers within the main IT network, these enhanced security abilities have become essential for businesses of any size to protect themselves against risks of accidental or deliberate access to confidential information.
The Data Security Kit offers both automatic and manual data HDD overwrite capabilities after each copy, print and scan job is completed. The process to overwrite confidential information retained within the MFP helps ensure data integrity, which is vital to many business sectors including government organisations, financial, legal, insurance and healthcare markets.
“In accordance  with  our customers’ needs, our equipment provides advanced technology to make sure that information security can be maintained at a level equal to the quality and reliability for which our hardware is already well-known,” concludes Powell.