Entuity, a provider of solutions for network service management and the global developer of the Eye of the Storm (EYE) software suite have announced that Quintica has joined the Entuity Channel Partner Network (ECPnet).

Headquartered in Johannesburg, South Africa, Quintica is widely regarded as a thought-leader in creating innovative service management solutions and methodologies, and applying international best-practice tools and techniques. Driven by demand for a comprehensive, time-to-value approach to network service management, this reseller partnership with Entuity bolsters Quintica’s portfolio of solutions.
In 2007, Quintica became the first organisation to be accredited by The APM Group (APMG) to deliver ITIL training on the African continent and the Middle East. Quintica will use Entuity’s Eye of the Storm suite to support and enable ITIL best practices and service management processes that achieve IT operational excellence.
“Quintica is now poised to expand the services we deliver to our customers. EYE will ultimately maximize their network’s performance which is the foundation to any service management initiatives,” says Charles Osburn, CEO at Quintica. “We are looking forward to helping our customers move ahead with proven, solid solutions for their network management and IT Service Management strategies.“
Peter Licursi, global vice-president of sales at Entuity, add: “This new partnership reflects the maturity of the marketplace. Companies today are looking for seasoned experts using reliable solutions to help them cost-effectively apply technological solutions to their strategic business goals. As a highly regarded provider, Quintica is extraordinarily skilled to deliver Entuity’s solutions to the customers they serve.
“Entuity’s Eye of the Storm will allow more enterprises to reduce operating costs and increase business efficiency.”
Ingo Tuschardt, MD of Quintica South Africa, comments: “Our customers take the value of the service they provide to their own customers very seriously. This is what the profession of service management is all about.
"Having the best practice based management methodologies in place enables our customers to efficiently deploy and manage their technologies. Being selected by a number of global market leaders such as Entuity as their representative is a compliment and reflection of the status Quintica has achieved in the industry. It is a reputation we are very proud of and it is the result of years of focused dedication by our team,."
Entuity’s network management solution provides unprecedented information, data, and forensics about the network to offer greater insight, control, and predictability of IT services and a broad view of the network from the core to the edge. IT managers can effectively deploy and maintain mission-critical network IP services, manage network assets, meet service level agreements, and implement best practices in service delivery such as ITIL.