The Road Angel Adventurer 7000 is a versatile new personal navigation device (PND) that is equally suitable for use in South Africa's outdoors or the wilds of its cities.

This waterproof and rugged PND ships with street level mapping for South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, Lesotho, Swaziland, the UK and Eire. It is also fully compatible with Memory Map's extensive range of outdoor, marine and aviation maps.
Users can add iOrdnance Survey Explorer, Aerial Photos, CAA Aviation Charts, Maptech Marine Charts and other maps to your device and use Memory-Map's DigitalGPS features to help you safely navigate outdoors.
The Road Angel PND is one of the world's leading speed camera and danger zone alert systems. Like other Road Angel models, the Road Angel Adventurer 7000 alerts drivers to potential hazards such as schools, areas where there is a high-risk of traffic accidents, smash-and-grab and hijacking hotspots, and fixed and mobile camera speed trap zones.
Apart from a wealth of road safety information, Road Angel offers road maps from Navteq that cover over 555 303 kms in Southern Africa. The Road Angel PND comes pre-loaded with more than 3 000 proven fixed and mobile speed camera warnings, 110 high accident zone warnings and 250 smash & grab and hijack hotspot zone warnings.
The Road Angel Adventurer 7000 features a 3,5-inch full colour touch sensitive backlit screen, as well as a long-life lithium rechargeable battery with car, mains and USB chargers that offers four to six hours of continuous use.
The recommended retail price of R4 999.00 for the Road Angel Adventurer 7000 features includes VAT and six months free subscription for data updates.
Road Angel has been endorsed by more motor manufacturers in South Africa than any other GPS brand, with approvals from Renault, General Motors, Citroen, VWSA, Audi, Kia Motors, Chana and Nissan SA.