SAS has developed a Corporate Sustainability Scorecard, designed to help organisations measure performance on sustainability, and to track and improve environmental, social and economic sustainability. This solution has pre-built intellectual property that follows the conventions as laid out by the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), amongst others.

The Scorecard combines pre-built indicators of sustainability with the power of integrated SAS analytics into a Sustainability Performance Management Solution allowing users to pull data based on organisation or initiative-specific sustainability metrics.
“This Scorecard is our contribution to help organisations become greener and more sustainable,” says Peter Venn, Business Development Director: Energy at SAS Africa and Middle East. “Corporate Sustainability is something that has to be measured now; so we have pre-packaged the GRI G3 reporting conventions, allowing easy referral to the GRI documents and a quicker start-up time. This means organisations are better able to characterise their individual performance measures.”
The SAS Corporate Sustainability Scorecard offers extensive drill-down capabilities as well as forecasting, which allows users to see the impact of emissions and sustainability for the futures, and a dashboard which provides a view of immediate areas of concern. Clicking on a specific indicator in the dashboard will give a more detailed insight into that particular sustainability metric.
Organisations can see the relationships between metrics that impact sustainability, allowing those in the know to make sound, fact based decisions regarding resource cost and environmental impact. The Scorecard also has a page dedicated solely to emissions, where users can view actual performance, target performance, threshold flags and notes relevant to the metric.
“Consumers and businesses are becoming ever more environmentally conscious. Environmental impact, emissions and sustainability are all becoming important factors when choosing a supplier, and will only continue to grow in relevance in the future,” concludes Venn. “It is up to every organisation to do its part in the green revolution. The Corporate Sustainability Scorecard is SAS’ contribution to helping do just that.”