Even as it celebrated its biggest launch ever, Microsoft was yesterday hit with a $1,3-billion fine from the European Union for failing to comply with an anti-trust order issued in 2004. 

Unless Microsoft decides to appeal the ruling and opts instead to pay the fine, yesterday's action could be the last move following a 1998 complaint by Sun Microsystems.
At that time Sun complained that Microsoft refused to supply it information that would let Sun servers work with the Windows operating system.
Although Microsoft did subsequently make that information available to competitors, the EU found that is had charged "unreasonable prices" until as recently as October 2007.
The EU believes Microsoft has now complied with the 2004 anti-trust order.
The software giant is still under EU scrutiny into the Office and Windows Internet browser software.
Last year, Microsoft's profit was $14,07-billion from revenue of $51,12-billion.