iBurst’s has consolidated its package range and will offer its seven most affordable wireless broadband packages from 1 April. It currently has 12 different options. 

“One of the most pressing issues in our consumer-driven world is information overload. There is such a thing as too much choice. People were happier in simpler, less materialistic times when you could buy a car in any colour, so long as it was black,” says Thami Mtshali, CEO of iBurst.
The inclusive monthly data allowances of the consolidated packages and their respective pricing are as follows: 10Mb for no monthly subscription; 40Mb at R49.00 per month, 500MB at R149.00 per month; 1 000Mb at R199.00 per month; 3 000Mb at R449.99 per month; 5 000Mb at R599.00 per month; and 10 000Mb at R999.00 per month.
iBurst’s Pay-per-use option now comes as a standard opt-out on all packages. Pay-per-use eliminates the restrictions placed on subscribers by throttling and capping once their data quotas have been exhausted. They are simply billed for any additional data used rounded off to the next Mb. Should subscribers choose to opt-out of the Pay-per-use option, throttling will apply on the packages from 1Gb and up.
All Bandwidth Boosters are now available to all subscribers and the same Bandwidth Booster pricing applies across all packages. The price of the Booster 100 bundle has been decreased from R89.00 a month for 100Mb to R79.00 a month, while the price of the Booster 500 bundle has been decreased from R189.00 a month for 500Mb to R149.00 a month. The prices of the Booster 1000 and Booster 3000 bundles remain at R199.00 and R499.00 for 1 000Mb and 3 000Mb, respectively. All of these prices apply to month-to-month contracts.
Bandwidth Booster bundles refer to additional bandwidth in predefined usage quantities which are purchased in order to continue normal service when subscribers’ allocated data is exhausted.
Data Carryover means that iBurst customers remain the only wireless broadband subscribers able to carry over the unused portion of their monthly data allowances to the following month, up to a maximum of their monthly data allocation.
“Rapidly-expanding coverage, a simple and easy-to-understand package range and great customer service add up to a compelling value proposition for wireless broadband users,” adds Mtshali.
The latest news comes on the heels of iBurst’s recently-unveiled new pay-off line of “Broadband. Simplified” and the re-launch of the its website with the promise that fewer clicks are now required to navigate iBurst.co.za.