Stratus Technologies has announced that it supports VMware virtualisation software with Stratus ftServer, the industry’s only fault-tolerant hardware, ensuring continuous hardware availability for the market’s leading virtualisation platform.

The Stratus ftServer System complements the robust high availability and disaster recovery capabilities of VMware virtualisation software to deliver additional protection from hardware failures and assured business continuity. Using its fault-tolerant hardware technology and expertise in continuous availability, Stratus now provides a higher level of protection to ensure the continuing operation of VMware-virtualised environments even in the event of hardware failure.
"Virtualisation has incredible momentum because of its power to save businesses money, time and energy in building, managing and powering their datacenters,” says Dick Sharod, country manager at Stratus Technologies South Africa. “Improved business continuity is also a compelling benefit of virtualisation. And now that Stratus’ fault-tolerant servers support VMware virtualisation software, customers can expect even higher levels of reliability at the hardware level, ensuring the availability of mission-critical applications.”
Stratus’ fault-tolerant servers are the only systems that can eliminate the risk of in-flight data loss. In-flight data is defined as instructions that are being executed by an application. With normal high-availability solutions, this data can be lost when a hardware component fails, whether the application is running on a physical machine or multiple virtual machines hosted on a single piece of hardware.
Stratus fault-tolerant servers protect in-flight data through the entire cycle of the transaction being processed, including caching and memory operations to provide enhanced business continuity.  
Superior availability of applications is a key reason companies choose to deploy VMware virtualisation solutions,” says Brian Byun, vice-president of Global Partners and Solutions at VMware. “Working with Stratus, VMware can help customers’ business-critical applications eliminate hardware as a potential failure point, enabling continuous availability for their IT infrastructures.”