Sun Microsystems has completed the acquisition of MySQL AB, developer of the world's most popular open source database, for approximately $1-billion in total consideration.

Sun also unveiled the immediate availability of MySQL's complete portfolio of products and enterprise services backed by its 17 000-strong global sales and services organisation and its extensive international network of authorised distribution channels.
Sun now provides a single, secure choice for customers and developers seeking to put MySQL into deployment on a global basis. Users can get started today with free downloads at
"Since announcing our Sun-MySQL relationship, we've received an overwhelming response and embrace from customers and community members excited to see MySQL's tremendous innovation and community backed by Sun's financial muscle and global partners," says Jonathan Schwartz, president and CEO of Sun Microsystems. "For the first time ever, businesses across the world can standardize on a commercially supported, open source platform that meets their needs for scale, quality and global service."
Sun introduced immediate availability of 7X24 year round global, enterprise-class database subscriptions and services for the entire MySQL product line, enabling IT organisations worldwide to take advantage of the leading open database for the Network Economy.
With broad multi-platform support – including Solaris (TM), Linux and Windows – enterprise customers will face less risk and have greater flexibility and choice to achieve unlimited scale and enable MySQL deployments in mission critical applications. Customers can sign-up for MySQL Enterprise trial subscriptions at no cost at
Sun is also offering MySQL Enterprise Unlimited, which helps customers deploy and manage an unlimited number of MySQL Enterprise Servers at a flat annual fee. To learn more, go to
Current users of MySQL can also learn more about Sun's extensive services capabilities at
Sun's new MySQL database is a key component in popular software stacks for building Web 2.0 applications. Its deployment with the Solaris OS, OpenSolaris(TM) project and highly complementary systems from Sun delivers powerful end-to-end platforms for customers of all scale, from individual developers to the largest global enterprises. And MySQL continues its commitments to its strategic partnerships with popular platform vendors such as Dell, HP, IBM, Microsoft, Red Hat and Zend.
The acquisition cements Sun's entrance into the $15-billion database market, affirms Sun's leadership in open source software and positions the company as the leading provider of enterprise platforms for the Network Economy.
More than 100-million copies of MySQL's high-performance, open source database software have been downloaded and distributed in its history and since the announcement of Sun's intent to acquire MySQL, daily downloads have increased from 50 000 to more than 60 000 per day.
This broad penetration, coupled with MySQL's strength in Web 2.0, Software as a Service (SaaS), enterprise IT, telecom and the embedded OEM market, make it a significant addition for Sun.