Unisys is developing new offerings that will harness the power of the new Windows Server 2008. These solutions are designed to offer enterprise clients record-setting performance for critical applications across their enterprise – from high-end servers in the data center to desktop systems.

A key Microsoft alliance company, Unisys has more than 15 years experience in deploying Microsoft technology for high-volume, mission-critical applications. Unisys is also one of the largest enterprise users of Microsoft technologies. Unisys is expanding its already extensive portfolio of Microsoft services and solutions to enable customers to quickly and easily take advantage of new features introduced in Windows Server 2008, SQL Server 2008 and Visual Studio 2008.
These solutions, to be announced over the course of 2008, will consist of architectural and implementation services, software, and appropriate hardware to help enterprise organizations rationalise their IT environments. The resulting simplified infrastructure will enable Unisys customers to more effectively migrate to a Windows Server 2008 environment, saving them time and money while mitigating the risk of business disruption.
The new Unisys professional services, solutions and capabilities that will support the Windows Server 2008 rollout include:
* Unisys Infrastructure Management Suite, a suite of software tools that efficiently repurposes and orchestrates both Windows Server 2008 and other resources, according to application demand;
* Infrastructure consulting;
* Security and networking;
* Disaster recovery services; and
* Identity and access management.