School leavers entering the job market now have an opportunity to combine further study with practical work experience under a new payroll apprenticeship initiative spearheaded by Accsys, a national provider of HR and payroll management software.

The Johannesburg-based company has taken on board two internship candidates who have just begun their two year study programme to acquire a SAQA approved National Diploma in Payroll Administration.
Once completed, the two students will go through a third workplace experiential year during which they are given the opportunity to put their skills into practice.
Martin Phike and Sabelo Mazibuko embarked on the Accsys apprenticeship programme in February.
During their time with the company they will be required to complete tasks and adhere to workplace objectives assigned to them by managers within different departments, ensuring that they are exposed to every aspect of payroll administration.
“This rotation policy ensures that each candidate benefits from a comprehensive and real experience of the payroll environment,” says Teryl Schroenn, CEO at Accsys. “We believe the merit and value of this initiative lies in the fact that interns gain sound theoretical knowledge of the industry and then the opportunity to reinforce this through practical application in the workplace.”
In order to qualify for selection to the programme, prospective candidates must, according to the qualification entry criteria, have a matriculation qualification with subjects including English, mathematics and computer literacy.
Interns are also remunerated according to prescribed student/learnership rates during their participation in the programme.
Schroenn points out that the programme is very much an industry-driven initiative and a direct means of aligning prospective employers with skilled and experienced staff.
“There is a skills shortage within the payroll administration market and our viewpoint is that by placing candidates directly in the payroll environment and offering them hands-on training, they represent a skilled resource for businesses looking to hire,” she adds.
As such, companies that would like to accommodate an intern for the full 3 year initiative or for their year of experiential training – and at the same time strengthen their skills development and social investment programs – and become official host partners should make contact with Accsys as soon as possible.
Both Phike and Mazibuko share the objective of carving out a fresh opportunity within the corporate sector and are determined to follow a career in payroll administration, human resources and corporate financial management.