Avaya sub-Saharan Africa, a subsidiary of the global telecommunications company, is pleased to announce the local roll-out of the company’s global new “green” strategy.

Recognising that product documentation wastes ink, paper and the energy required to both create and transport it, Avaya has developed a programme for all of its documentation to be available online for customers to download according to their specific needs.
“We are entering an era where companies will no longer be selected as a service provider of choice based on what they sell, how big it is and the health of its investors, but rather what type of corporate citizen it is,” says Bridget Kelly, country manager of Avaya sub-Saharan Africa.  
“Being a green company is far more than just a fashion statement, and as a technology company it would be criminal for us not to use the very technologies we support and sell, in a bid to help us sustain the environment.”
As part of this new initiative, instead of shipping support manuals, Avaya customers will find enclosed with their shipped product the details of the website where their support needs can be handled.
When discussing this global initiative, Kevin Gould, vice-president R&D, Converged Communication Division, was recently quoted as saying that through the deployment of this programme Avaya will also be able to save more than $1-million annually.
This money is currently spent on the printing of the documentation including expenses incurred through packing and shipping costs and the recycling of outdated material – some of which are currently detrimental to the environment.
Adds Gould: “Customers have always expressed interest in being able to download CD libraries, with hyperlinks across the library, from Avaya's Support Web site.”
Kelly says she feels this is a very positive move, which she is confident the Avaya community of Business Partners and Customers will embrace with enthusiasm.