There's been an international outcry over the gagging of a whistle-blower website,, but the bank which got the court order to close it down is unrepentant. 

A California court ordered the closure of Wikileaks and also ordered it to be removed from the Internet. The ruling was in response to an injunction by Swiss bank Julius Baer when Wikileaks published documents said to be about money laundering and tax evasion.
The bank claims that the documents were falsified.
In a statement, the bank stands by the right to free speech, but that publishing confidential bank records – anonymously – harms individual rights.
Under both US and Swiss laws, the publication of these documents is prohibited.
The documents in question were purported to be secret account information stolen and forged by a former bank employee. The bank sought and won an injunction to close down the site in order to protect the privacy of its clients.
Julius Baer manges money for the very wealthy.