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FrontRange debuts GoldMine Mobile Edition


FrontRange Solutions has announced the availability of GoldMine Mobile Edition Version 3.0. The new software edition gives sales teams the ability to manage customer contacts, sales activities and opportunities at any time, from anywhere, on their BlackBerry smartphones. The “always-connected” sales team can collaborate and have insight into customer activities as they occur, so nothing is missed or forgotten.

“GoldMine Mobile Edition increases a sales team’s productivity while simultaneously improving overall customer service,” says Paul Bornhutter,  product manager for Africa at FrontRange Solutions. “Because data is held locally on the smartphone, users can find information quickly, without latency issues or the need for wireless coverage. This provides sales representatives the ability to manage their contacts and calendar, and to compile sales forecasts – even while on an airplane.”
GoldMine Mobile Edition seamlessly integrates phone and e-mail features directly into the GoldMine application. Sales teams use the real-time insight gained from the application to compile reports, since they have all the necessary information at their fingertips via their BlackBerry. GoldMine Mobile Edition features an easy-to-use customisation and configuration platform, which uses the intuitive navigation of BlackBerry smartphones. The application also leverages the inherent security features found in the BlackBerry Enterprise Server.   
With GoldMine Mobile Edition, sales teams can:
* Integrate routine CRM-related phone and email tasks performed on the BlackBerry by writing back into GoldMine, improving preparation and follow up of sales calls;
* Log and manage all calendar, contacts, and opportunities in one locally-held client, which improves productivity and gives managers real-time insight into what’s going on in the field;
* Work within GoldMine Mobile Edition from anywhere at anytime, even when there is no cellular coverage, and synching automatically when coverage returns, so there are no latency issues; and
* Improve overall sales because sales teams can see contact and sales information as it happens and be able to analyse and respond immediately.