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Altec Lansing


If you love quality surround sound in a minimalistic setting, then take a look at the latest Altec Lansing PT8051 wireless, two speaker system, part of their world famous Voice of the Theatre range.

Now available from Esquire Technologies, the PT8051 is the perfect choice if you want crisp, true surround sound, but don’t like loads of speakers and wires cluttering up the room. This sleek, flat-panel speaker design complements a flat-panel TV, giving you clear, super realistic highs and a full, rich bass.
The PT8051 offers a powerful 125-Watts total output and features unique, NXT Digital flat-panel drivers for optimum sound quality from within two slim-profile anodised aluminium cabinets, that are strong, durable and modern in design.
The two-speaker PT8051 system provides excellent surround sound experiences through left, centre and right channels within one front speaker, as well as left/right channels included in a rear wireless speaker.
The system's matched 8-inch x 1.5-inch NXT Digital balanced audio transducers have flat radiating surfaces that cover more sound and more room area than conventional cone speakers. You'll love the movie sound, which is incredibly realistic through the automatic engagement of Dolby and DTS listening modes.