Codima Technologies has announced the release of Codima Pre Deployment Test Reports. The straightforward reports provides easy access to valuable VoIP readiness test results graphically presenting predicted Quality of Service levels and recommended phone loading per Codec in a Word document.

Indepth information from pre-assessment testing reports is crucial to network engineers when deploying VoIP technology. Codima Pre Deployment Test Reports deliver summarised VoIP pre-assessment results in unparalleled graphical views that take VoIP pre-assessment testing to the next level.
Information such as VoIP statistics on percentage frame loss versus phone loading, and jitter versus phone loading is graphically presented in a Word document. Codima Pre Deployment Reports provide easy access to predictable QoS levels for the available range of Codecs based on the number of concurrent calls tested.
“Today VoIP pre-deployment testing is a ‘must have’ and is often recommended by industry leaders. From our long standing experience we know that VoIP testing prevents project over runs, delays, and ensures voice quality" comments Christer Mattsson, CEO of Codima Technologies. "The new Codima Pre Deployment Reports have been very well received by our customers, and reaffirms the importance of easy accessible and understandable reporting."
With the new Pre Deployment Test Reports, Codima adds unique features to the beginning to end solution Codima Toolbox. The VoIP pre-assessment testing tool, autoVoIP Traffic Simulator, offers unique capabilities to help determine if VoIP technology can be successfully deployed into the current network infrastructure by stress testing and identifying limitations, as well as testing multiple locations, monitoring QoS 24/7, and showing the effect of multiple concurrent conversations or the additional stress of adding more phones to the network.