An increasing number of companies opening branch offices in Cape Town have selected the Bandwidth Barn as their location of choice, primarily because of the low-risk and networking opportunities it presents. The number of offshore and Johannesburg-based tenants in the Barn has increased by 6% in the last couple of years. 

According to Odette Potter, GM at the Bandwidth Barn, the Barn offers an affordable solution for start-ups and smaller companies opening branch offices in the Cape.
“Smaller companies are looking for a low-risk option when opening a branch office,” she says. “Because they share reception, meeting rooms, technical support and other essential services, the Barn offers them all the functionality of a fully-fledged office without the massive overheads.”
“Being in the Bandwidth Barn means you can share ideas with other entrepreneurs and corroborate on projects,” says Fred Maggege, director of web development company LiveCode. “Often entrepreneurs feel quite isolated, but the community in the Barn creates a supportive environment.”
Hein Uys, CEO of Sishafax, says the Barn also helps to provide credibility for small companies. “We offer telecommunication value added services, such as fax to email and competition lines, and target our products at large corporates. When they see Bandwidth Barn on our letterhead, they’re immediately more at ease as they realise we’re not a fly-by-night start-up.”
Potter says that the Bandwidth Barn has supported the sustainability of entrepreneurs. “64% of the businesses who have started in the Barn are still in operation after five years,” she says.
“This is a significant achievement given that 80% of start-up companies fail in their first year of business, and many more drop off in their third year.  Many of these businesses outgrow the Barn and move to larger premises.”