Motorola has introduced the new 3G qwerty, Moto Q 9, its flagship global quad-band.

The Moto Q 9, based on the Windows Mobile 6 operating system, couples a new sleek form factor with a dual-processor HSDPA/UMTS engine, enabling broadband-like over-the-air downloads at up to 3,6Mbps. Consumers will be able to download their favourite music tracks directly onto the Q 9 in about 30 seconds without having to touch a computer.
“The Moto Q 9 was developed as a multi-purpose communication device that is easy to use and doesn’t compromise on experiences,” says Bruce Hawver, corporate vice president: Enterprise Devices at Motorola.
“This smartphone offers state-of-the art voice quality technology, messaging, speed, processing power, keyboard and display packaged within a sleek design for the modern consumer.”
The MotoO Q 9 includes the following features:
* Messaging machine: Users can choose from eight messaging inboxes for corporate and/or personal email, including Windows Live and other email providers, as well as SMS and MMS messages. The device is also equipped with instant messaging capability.
* Speed racer: The Moto Q 9 is one of the fastest smartphones in the world today, operating on HSDPA/UMTS at up to 3.6Mbps. It can also synch quickly with USB 2.0.
* Power plus: It boasts as much processing power pound for pound as many of today’s PCs, including its TI OMAP 2420 processor and 96Mb of RAM. Pre-loaded document editing allows users to polish presentations on-the-go.
* Ergonomically excellent: The core competency for this type of device is its messaging capability – email, text, IM and the key requirement is to be able to enter text as fast and as accurately as possible.  The redesigned keyboard on the MOTO Q 9 is the result of extensive ergonometric studies.
* It’s a great phone too: Leveraging Motorola’s expertise in RF technology, the Moto Q 9 delivers a good phone experience on a qwerty handset.
* Loads of space for music and movies: The Moto Q 9 has 2Gb of optional removable microSD storage and 256Mb of on-board flash memory, allowing users to store about 1 000 songs and over 10 hours of video (MPEG4).  Thanks to integrated Bluetooth wireless technology stereo profiles (A2DP and AVRCP) users can enjoy premium sound and voice quality wirelessly via a compatible Bluetooth enabled stereo headset and take calls at the same time.
* Ready for a closeup? A 2.0 megapixel camera with 8x digital zoom and video captures life at 15 frames per second.
* One-touch access: Seven dedicated keys allow users to jump to any one of the core experiences with just a single click to the Web, email, contacts, calendar, video/music content, camera and other selected features.
* See the light: The full colour screen includes adaptive display technology.  Light sensors on the front and back help automatically adjust screen and keyboard brightness for optimum usability and readability and significantly help improve battery life.