PivotStor has announced the first tape library that combines LTO-4 tape’s reliability with SAS interface connectivity speed and the demonstrated economy of half-height drives. The result is a full line of tape libraries that integrate more capacity, more data density, more bandwidth and greater performance into one unit: all of which means faster data protection at a lower price.

The PivotStor line of LTO-4HH libraries feature:
* Capacity of up to 153.6Tb (with 96 tapes holding 1.6Tb each);
* Up to four LTO-4HH drives in each library (4U and 8U configuration);
* Faster throughput of up to 1.7Tb per hour (in two-drive models);
* Quicker bandwidth of up to 3Gbps per point-to-point connection, through the library’s native SAS interface; and
* Lower cost, with starting prices at less than $13,000.00.
In addition, PivotStor is the only company to come to market with a library that incorporates two LTO-4HH SAS drives in a 2U rackmount unit.
“With the introduction of these libraries, PivotStor has enabled our partners to make a big splash with a small footprint,” says Bob Hawkins, PivotStor’s senior product marketing manager. “Resellers who have built a trusted relationship with their customers will be able to convey the solid value that these libraries offer, as well as know that they are dealing with a company committed to delivering solid products and solid profits to the channel.”
Hawkins notes that the libraries’ SAS interface means more powerful performance than running under the older SCSI interface; SAS enables up to 128 devices, including the PivotStor library, to be connected in a network environment, with each point-to-point connection running at three gigabits (3.0Gb) per second, as opposed to SCSI’s 3.2Gb shared among up to 15 devices, which sharply reduces effective throughput.
PivotStor’s complete line of LTO-4HH AP-Series tape libraries with SAS connectivity will be available in the beginning of April.