Altech has released further information on its agreement with Sameer ICT to acquire 51% of Kenya Data Networks (KDN), Swift Global (Kenya) and Infocom. 

The deal was announced in September.
Altech wishes to become a prominent broadband network operator in Africa and has already acquired usage rights to technology from Xiocom Wireless Incorporated (USA) and is in the process of establishing a greenfields network operation in Rwanda.
The new acquisitions are expected to help Altech to become a leading data network operator and Internet service provider ("ISP") in East and Central Africa;, while providing the group with access to Sameer`s regional expertise, allowing the two companies to form an alliance and pursue further opportunities in these markets.
The alliance will also help Sameer to foster cooperation in other industries with sister companies of Altech, such as Powertech and Bytes Technology Group.
KDN is a full service data communications carrier. It was licensed by the Communications Commission of Kenya in January 2003 as a Public Data Network  Operator.
The telcommunications operator is a typical infrastructure company with a teleport, 450 WiFi hotspots, 450km of city fibre in Nairobi, a 1 000 km main fibre line from Mombassa to Nairobi and an ongoing extension from Nairobi on to the border of Uganda, as well as ADSL infrastructure in Nairobi.
KDN has laid fibre cables in Nairobi and other major cities/towns with an aim to establish the first fibre backbone for Kenya.
This is also in readiness for an East African submarine cable system that would connect Kenya to Europe to peer with access providers to bulk Internet supply and global voice traffic.
Swift is an ISP in Kenya, utilising gateway and network  capacity provided by KDN. Its products are aimed mainly at business users  who are pre-billed.
Swift`s offerings include IP-based network and internet solutions and VoIP services, based on copper cable, fibre optic cable, wireless or Vsat capacity, depending on the requirements and location of each specific corporate customer.
Value added business services include disaster recovery, off-site back-up, co-location (or application hosting) and clouds, which cover specific areas of Nairobi and other key Kenyan cities.
Infocom has been operational in Uganda in 1995 and later became a division of Celtel (then MSI), which disposed of it in 2006 to Sameer. Infocom has comprehensive agreements with   
Celtel with respect to the co-location of equipment in Celtel facilities (inclusive of teleport, network operations centre and base stations) and other services provided by Celtel.
Infocom provides ISP and IT services, including the design and implementation of virtual private networks. Its customers include mainly business and corporate customers.
Infocom offers fixed wireless broadband Internet access via WiMax access equipment. Trials are currently underway with VoIP and WiFi.
Altech will pay a total cash consideration of $75-million for 51% of the three companies.