Rising customer awareness about the availability of multiple services and applications will see the South African mobile content services market grow by an average of 15% up until 2013.

Consulting group Frost & Sullivan says content users are no longer just downloading content, they are sharing, personalising and creating content. At the same time, mobile content services are moving towards business communication and mobile advertising.
“The future of mobile content services is in transition from SMS and MMS to instant messaging, media and video blogging,” says Frost & Sullivan industry analyst Lindsey McDonald. “Building of mobile content communities and sharing of video clips is becoming a norm.”
Consumers and corporate users are using content services as a form of communication with clients and as a way of building communities.
However, the difficulty in differentiating among mobile content services is proving to be a hindrance for companies operating in this market. Mobile content providers offer similar products making market penetration and customer loyalty a challenge.
“Continuous innovation and provision of quality customers service is one way mobile content providers can differentiate their services in the market,” says McDonald. “Creating a variety of customised services based on customers’ needs would be an effective approach to use when creating content.”