Xerox has launched the fastest printer in its product line-up, the DocuPrint 1050 Continuous Feed that produces more than 1 000 A4 images a minute and is equipped with a wider paper web that reduces production costs on 6×9 inch (152,4mm x 228,6mm) books, statements and invoices.

The new roll-fed Xerox continuous-feed digital printer prints up to 80 metres a minute and is designed for creating publishing and transaction document applications.
Unlike standard-width continuous-feed printers, that only accommodate two 6×9 inch images across the width of the paper roll stock, the DocuPrint 1050 has a 19,5 inch (495.3mm) web width to fit three images across. As a result, the system prints 50% more 6×9 inch images a minute, reducing the cost per image while improving throughput in the most popular format used for paperback books, statements and invoices.
"Continuous-feed printing represents a strategic growth area for Xerox, and we will continue to provide the workflow, service and support our customers need to reduce costs and boost productivity," says Paul Haglich, marketing and product manager: production systems group at Bytes Document Solutions, the sole authorised distributor of Xerox products in 24 African countries.
"This new printer rounds out Xerox's broad line of reliable continuous-feed printers and complements its industry-leading cut-sheet printer family."
The DocuPrint 1050 is designed for high-volume production of statements, bills and other transaction work in corporate data centres and service bureaus and for producing books, booklets, brochures and other print-on-demand jobs in corporate printing departments and graphic arts shops.
Because the system switches easily between transaction and production applications, it is ideal for the growing number of enterprise print operations that require flexibility for print-on-demand and data centre printing functionality.
The DocuPrint 1050 integrates seamlessly with open workflow systems, including those of the Xerox FreeFlow Digital Workflow Collection, and can be flexibly configured and operated to meet most production needs.
It prints with a 600 dots-per-inch resolution on pin-less or pin-fed paper in 19,5 inch wide paper rolls at up to 80 metres a minute.
The DocuPrint 1050 pairs two DocuPrint 525's for twin two-sided printing of as many as 1 064 images per minute 2-up for 8,5×11 inch pages or 1 002 A4 images per minute and of as many as 1 952 images per minute 3-up for 6×9 inch book pages.
It accommodates all major mainframe and publishing data streams via a choice of print servers.
Bytes Document Solutions has recently completed its first installation of the DocuPrint 1050 at SITA Bureau Beta.
"It is SITA's mandate to ensure that we can provide ICT services to government with greater efficacy," says Llewellyn Jones, CEO of SITA.
"By procuring this state-or-the-art technology, SITA is able to offer printing services to government departments at higher volumes, increased speeds and reduced costs."
Haglich says: "This printer is perfectly designed to meet the needs of SITA Bureau Beta and will enhance the organisation's functionality while reducing costs."