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Iridium goes to sea with global broadband service


Iridium has unveiled the first maritime voice and data satellites service that taps the world’s first global high-speed network specifically engineered for the marine market.

It provides true IP connectivity with up to three phone lines, all of which are available for simultaneous use.
“Third party products such as routers, hubs and PBXs can easily be connected to extend the data and voice capabilities of the unit to allow complete integration of data and telecom systems across the vessel.
“The new device is ideal for integration with on-board platforms such as email servers, LANs, and even navigation and alarm systems to enable fully-integrated seagoing systems,” says local Iridium distributor SatComms chairman Anthony Glass.
The service will support a broad range of speeds in standard service packages that provide 9.6 kbps to 64 kbps. In addition, Iridium anticipates elite service plans that support up to 128 kbps (with an expected maximum speed on the system of 153 kbps). No additional hardware is needed to support these higher speeds, and service packages can be easily upgraded with no additional onboard handling once the equipment is deployed.
As the first system that provides true global coverage for the marine market, Iridium will provide an attractive and affordable upgrade for aging ISDN and analog equipment currently in use on ships around the globe.
Iridium plans to introduce similar high-speed broadband products and services for the emerging needs of users in other verticals such as aviation, government/military, emergency/humanitarian services, oil and gas, mining, forestry, heavy equipment, transportation and utilities industries.