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Nigel Pendse to present BI Survey in SA


Nigel Pendse, creator of The BI Survey, will present the survey's findings for the last year in South Africa on 17 April, in conjunction with Harvey Jones, South Africa's leading business intelligence (BI) specialist. The survey will be presented at VIBE , one of the market's most dynamic BI events.

The BI Survey, now in its seventh iteration, was known until last year as The OLAP Survey. It has been renamed to reflect the blurring between pure OLAP (online analytical processing) and other types of BI, including performance management, and to broaden its scope.
This year's survey is the biggest ever, attracting 2 746 responses, including more than 1 900 end-users and consultants. A minimum of 50 responses each was received from users of 16 BI products, making this the most statistically valid survey to date.
“The findings are illuminating,” says Pendse. “They show that the big vendors continue to disappoint, and there is declining loyalty to some of the traditional market-leading products. There are a lot of surprises in store for whose who believe the received wisdom.
“The survey represents the most powerful tool for any company which has bought a BI tool or is contemplating buying one,“ adds Pendse. “It covers every important aspect of the BI market, allowing customers to compare products before buying a product, or to help them if they are wanting to switch.”
Aspects covered in the survey include:
* An overview of the products and vendors;
* How and why customers buy BI products, and the resultant success rate;
*  The overall BI ownership experience: “There are many ways to evaluate BI products technically,” says Pendse, “but measuring their customers' success focuses more on the real purpose of implementation";
* Vendor effectiveness against a variety of criteria, including marketing, sales, deployment, product support and loyalty;
* Implementation, Web BI and data volumes; and
* Performance: “Poor query performance is by far the most frequently reported product-related problem in The BI Survey 7 and all previous reports,” notes Pendse.
“Unlike most other published surveys, The BI Survey 7 is entirely vendor-independent,” Pendse adds. “We are therefore able to present our customers with research and analysis designed to suit their needs rather than the agenda of any vendor. We give a true reflection of how BI products are selected, deployed and used in organisations worldwide. If a product or vendor is found to disappoint its users, we don't hide this fact – we highlight it.”
This is the second year Pendse has come to South Africa to present the findings of the survey in conjunction with Harvey Jones Systems. Last year the cream of the BI market, including customers, vendors and consultants, attended the presentation of the survey, and Harvey Jones MD Keith Jones expects an even better turnout this year.
“We are delighted to sponsor the presentation of the survey,” says Jones. “Last year's survey was well received, and given the developments in the BI market over the last 12 months, there should be an even greater degree of interest in its findings.
“What is of particular concern is how these large vendors will fare in the BI market, as they all have dismal records with BI, and unless they have learned how to do it better this time round, there is a question mark over the long-term future for these products (and therefore the customers).
“There is bound to be some culling. Ironically, it's probably the weak home-grown products that will get the chop, so customers who bought second-rate BI products from their ERP vendor out of blind loyalty will get left in the lurch proving, yet again, that you should buy the best product, not the biggest brand,” Pendse concludes.
* The cost of VIBE is R2 999, with an early bird discount available. For further information, or to book your seat at VIBE, visit