SanDisk has unveiled what it is calling a lifeline for laptop users – the SanDisk FlashBack Adapter. This device fits into the ExpressCardT slot of a PC, automatically and continuously backing up and encrypting critical data on to an SDT flash memory card.

Whether the PC suffers a system failure or a full hard drive crash, the SanDisk FlashBack Adapter allows users to access your content safely from the memory card.
Designed for the millions of newer notebook computers that have an ExpressCard slot, the SanDisk FlashBack Adapter offers a reliable, easy-to-use system to protect critical files by copying them automatically and instantly to an optional SD or SDHCT memory card of any capacity.
And with the backup card nesting completely inside the laptop, the system is literally out of sight.  Nothing protrudes from the PC and nothing needs to be attached to any other port.
The adapter comes with easy-to-set up software for Windows-based laptops.
Once installed, users pre-select backup sources by individual files, folders and/or file types.  Then the device backs up and encrypts the user's data, images, music and other files – automatically and continuously – from the computer's hard drive to the memory card.
Backup occurs as soon as there is a change to a designated file, or when a file is added or deleted. There is no need for scheduling backups and no need for further user intervention.
In addition, the application has a handy screen indicator to show the amount of storage available, along with a taskbar icon that displays the ongoing backup status.  
Restoring individual files, complete folders or the complete set of backed-up data is simple. Users just open the application, log in to access, select the encrypted files on the memory card and indicate the restore destination.
They can also restore data from the memory card on any PC that uses Windows 2000, Windows XP or Windows Vista and has an SD memory card reader. The SanDisk FlashBack Adapter is not needed for this process.
"This is a 'set it and forget it' solution for every laptop user with an ExpressCard slot who wants to be protected from unintended data loss," says Matthijs Hutten, SanDisk's senior product marketing manager for accessories. "We all know that we should frequently make backups of our critical files. But most of us don't get around to it because it seems like too much of an effort, or we simply forget to do it.
"This practical solution does the job and does it automatically. So if your PC suffers a breakdown, you can flash back to your latest files wherever you are.  The SanDisk FlashBack Adapter truly gives users peace of mind."