Just days after being appointed as a distributor for HP's printer products, Axiz has also scooped its business-critical systems (BCS) range, effective from 1 March. 

"This new distribution agreement enables us to provide both Intel and PA Risc based products up to and including the 8-socket servers across all supported operating systems," says Patrick Reeves, HP marketing manager at Axiz.
He says the new agreement with HP represents several new opportunities for Axiz resellers in markets for business intelligence applications, performance orientated database applications and ERP systems.
In addition, he says that software vendors like HP and Microsoft are also creating applications that can make use of these true 64-bit architectures.
Reeves says that Axiz intends to engage with specialised preferred partners for the HP BCS product range, and will also be driving the new range into Africa.
Spearheading the HP BCS team at Axiz are product lead Colin Nish, product manager Jim Holland and product specialist Chris Larkins.