When he wrote an inspirational email to employees about the positive things in South Africa, iBurst MD Alan Knott-Craig probably didn't realise that he was becoming the voice of reason and confidence in a country sorely needing both. 

And now the sentiment is growing into a book. Penguin Books and iBurst are collaborating to publish South Africans’ positive thoughts about the country.
The two companies have set up a blog, SMS and email forum and all South Africans are invited to contribute their positive thoughts about South Africa.
A selection of these responses are going to be published in a book called Don’t Panic! The aim is to motivate South Africans to remember the silver lining on every dark cloud.
Royalties from the book, which will be published in May, will go towards the Tomorrow Trust.
All South Africans are invited to place a comment on the blog, www.iburst.co.za, to SMS contributions to 31889 (Standard SMS rates apply) or to email dontpanic@iburstgroup.co.za.