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Faritec-Intelitec partnership kicks off with government conference


The partnership between Faritec and Intelitec Botswana, which was launched in November 2007, is already bearing fruit. The two companies are hosting a top-notch Government IT Conference in Botswana on 5 and 6 March 2008 which focuses on transforming government efficiency through technology.

A JSE-listed IT services and solutions company, one of Faritec’s stated intents is to expand its operations into Africa north of the Limpopo River, with particular emphasis on the SADEC (Southern African Development Community) environment. Intelitec Botswana is a wholly Botswana citizen-owned IT solutions company.
John Brooks, business applications manager of Faritec, says the decision to partner with Intelitec was based on the potential of complementary areas of expertise between the two organisations.
“Faritec doesn’t enter partnerships lightly,” Brooks says. “A due diligence process is followed, and we were entirely satisfied that Intelitec is committed to building its operation in Botswana and to supporting the government.”
Margaret van der Westhuizen, CEO of Intelitec Botswana, comments: “Key factors which we considered going into this partnership were the fact that Intelitec shares similar values with Faritec – providing customer-centric solutions through teamwork and partnerships – and Faritec’s strategic intent to empower local companies in their domestic markets. Such partnerships are highly supported by the Botswana Government to empower local companies.
“We are happy to be associated with such an esteemed organisation and are confident that our partnership will go a long way towards achieving our objectives for the Botswana market.”
An established company, Intelitec’s main focus is on two environments: systems audits and IT. This provides several significant touch points for Faritec, particularly in the areas of its government management solution, comprehensive security offering and integration capability.
Faritec’s partnership approach is to empower companies such as Intelitec to become the primary operator in driving a combined offering into their local markets. “We encourage the local company to take the initiative, and they are better able to optimise their opportunities with Faritec’s support,” Brooks says.
Although the Botswana Government’s legacy systems are functioning well in some cases, Brooks believes Faritec and Intelitec are ideally positioned to put together customised solutions which protect the existing investment while simultaneously delivering tangible benefits.
The two-day Government IT Conference, which is taking place at the Phakalane Golf Estate in Gaborone, presents a platform for the Botswana Government to meet with reputable IT solution companies and discuss specific needs. It also offers networking and business development opportunities for participating companies, consultants, delegates and sponsors.
According to Brooks, the conference is designed to create a platform for professionals and leaders in the IT fraternity to share their knowledge and experience on topics such as application integration, capitalising on existing investments, security and asset management.
“The inaugural event is taking place over two days, but Intelitec is looking at growing the conference over time and scheduling it as an annual feature on Botswana and South African calendars,” he says.