Foster-Melliar is introducing a dynamic new training program that is aimed at enhancing the understanding of effective project management in a fraction of the time by adding G2G3’s Polestar PM to their bouquet of comprehensive training offerings.

“Foster-Melliar’s longstanding partnership with G2G3, a leading provider of gaming and communication programs, enables them to provide Project and Portfolio Management (PPM) simulations through a program called Polestar PM.  In essence, G2G3 enhances existing project management methodologies by providing students with an unbiased tool of education that focuses on hard facts, serves as a reference point and provides enormous scope into the topic by simplifying the entire process,” says Linda King, head of marketing at G2G3.
Polestar PM is a high impact, interactive business simulation program developed to address the process and cultural challenges of Project Management.  It can be utilised to support organisational change, implement new project management methodology or ensure compliance with existing processes.  
Based on a real life scenario, participants experience breakthrough understanding of Project Management best practice, resulting in improved individual, team and business performance.  
Polestar PM is designed to enhance cognitive memory by means of teaching basic concepts through an interactive experience, allowing participants to recognise key project management skills that can be applied to their daily work regime.  It operates independently from specific project management methodologies and addresses the concept of PM regardless of the methodologies people use or are accustomed to.
“The quality of project delivery has a significant effect on a business and its ability to meet the evolving needs of its customers.  Polestar PM simulations are a means of providing a live project management experience which allows teams to practice new project management skills, or sharpen existing practices without running the risk of affecting daily processes.  In the context of tight budgets that need to be successfully managed, having teams with the right skills is essential,” says King.
“The solution is available either as a stand-alone event or as part of a broader learning program, and can fit into the tightest diary schedule.  It is one of the few training events that have a 'wow-factor', with delegates leaving the course having learnt valuable lessons and been motivated to apply those new skills,” she says.