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ProCurve networks World Cyber Games


ProCurve Networking by HP has signed up at the official networking partner for the semi-final of the 8th World Cyber Games (WCG) tournament, taking place from 6 to 9 March at this year’s CeBit computer expo.

ProCurve will equip the global tournament zones, network area and the WCG press area with a complete enterprise-class network. ProCurve’s network infrastructure will also power real-time coverage for between 20 000 and 30 000 online spectators.
WCG is the world’s most prestigious e-sports competition, and attracts more than 1,5- million participants from approximately 74 countries, battling it out with a total purse-prize of more than $500,000. The pan European tournament at the renowned CeBIT expo is expected to attract 200 000 spectators.
ProCurve’s Networking experts will have just 48 hours to install and maintain the enterprise-size network, to drive 250 global networking network devices, up to 200 computers, 20 Xbox, and equipment in the Tournament Area and WCG press centre.  
“After three years of partnership, ProCurve’s skill and speed in building out a powerful, flexible and reliable network, on which the World Cyber Games really relies, continues to surpass our expectations.  Moreover, the event’s high profile means that security is a major consideration in selecting a network provider. Based on these criteria and ProCurve’s track record, it was a natural choice for this year’s tournament,” says Hyoung-Seok Kim, CEO: international cyber marketing, the global organiser of the WCG.
“We are delighted to support the World Cyber Games once more. The three year contract that we have with the WCG has given us an ideal opportunity to showcase and consistently prove our superior network solutions capabilities and provide players and spectators alike with an enhanced and uninterrupted gaming experience,” says John McHugh, vice-president and GM of ProCurve Networking by HP.
The traffic requirements for WCG are similar to most enterprise networks deploying a Voice-over-IP or Video-over-IP system. ProCurve’s network, based on its Adaptive Network infrastructure framework, is designed for impeccable flexibility and stability whilst ensuring that a secure wireless overlay is implemented across the entire WCG venue for the event.
“We’re confident we can deliver the continuous and secure gameplaying environment that is paramount to the success of the World Cyber Games, particularly at such a crucial stage in the competition,” said Chris Ruybal, technical consultant and World Cyber Games network architect, ProCurve Networking by HP.
“Margin for error in network performance at this event is not an option; interruptions to the network traffic and IT security breaches during playoffs would mean games would have to be replayed and the tournament unacceptably delayed,” adds Ruybal.
ProCurve Networking by HP has supported the World Cyber Games since 2005, when it became the official network infrastructure provider for the Asia regional championship in Singapore.