With the new magicolor 8650DN, Konica Minolta Business Solutions has introduced the ideal device for medium- to large-sized organisations and creative departments looking for a premium colour solution.

With the ability to handle a large variety of media and offering various finishing options, the printer allows users to give their creativity full scope. Innovative technology ensures that printing results are of the highest quality, thus making outsourcing a necessity of the past. At the same time, the magicolor 8650DN’s economical printing helps users to keep to their budget.
A high print speed is most welcome, not only when production schedules are tight and the magicolor 8650DN handles up to 35 pages per minute, in either colour or in black and white. The standard machine is equipped with two 500-sheet paper feeders and a 150-sheet bypass tray, but this can be increased with additional, optional, lower paper feeders. Thanks to the generous maximum input capacity of 3 650 sheets, large print jobs can be handled easily and without interruption.
Besides delivering printouts quickly and reliably, the magicolor 8650DN ensures the highest quality output. The machine works with Konica Minolta’s Simitri HD polymerised toner, combined with PhotoART-19200 contone technology printing at 600 x 600 x 5-bit.
The five bit for each pixel translates into more colours produced for every pixel, with the extra bit further improving the reproduction and readability and resulting in razor-sharp picture detail and smooth colour gradations. A further component bringing about more precise colour output and reproduction is the ICC profile support.
Just like the other Konica Minolta Business Solutions devices, the magicolor 8650DN is also equipped with the Emperon controller for productive printing, including high quality and efficient print speed.
The magicolor’s versatility is quite outstanding: via its multipurpose tray, the magicolor 8650DN processes media of different formats ranging from OHPs, labels and envelopes to A3+ sheets and banners of up to 1.2 metres in length. With respect to paperweight, media of up to 271gsm present no problem and in the duplex printing mode, 256gsm can be reliably fed through.
With the magicolor 8650DN, finishing has almost become an art. The device’s modular layout allows users to get the finishing options they really need. Also standard is that the magicolor 8650DN is equipped with an offset sorting function. It can be expanded with numerous options such as a punching kit or a booklet option to produce saddle-stitched and folded booklets. Sophisticated reports or brochures can be conveniently produced in-house.
With so many features, it is essential to ensuring highest quality economical printing. There is a toner saving mode that recommends itself when printing for internal use, thereby reducing toner consumption by up to 50%. Auto-colour recognition makes sure colour is only printed where it is really needed. Users can also be given limited access rights for colour printing.
“There are several reasons why our new magicolor 8650DN beats outsourcing,” says Ian Revell, Konica Minolta Printing Solutions Europe SA. “With the different media types it can handle, and the various finishing options available, its versatility is immense. Furthermore, we offer users various means to cut down on printing costs with this machine.”