Mitel has introduced a pre-integrated business communications solution that delivers simplified system installation and management, business process improvement, and a reduction in operating costs by consolidating low-power consumption telephony and server hardware platforms for IT and unified communications applications.

The Mitel Communications Suite, a pre-integrated unified communications solution, allows Mitel’s flagship 3300 IP Communications Platform (ICP) software to reside on Sun servers. This solution preserves all the features and functionalities of the traditional Mitel 3300 ICP and allows organisations to carry voice-based solutions on a Sun data infrastructure.
"Unified communications solutions allow enterprises to leverage the IT and telecommunication assets they're already using, such as desktop phones, mobile phones, messaging systems, and software applications, but which can't talk to each other," says Marc Perrella, vice-president: Technology Group at IDC Canada.
"Unified communications is designed to bring all of these disparate technologies into an environment that reduces time and effort," he says.
Mitel features native to the Sun-based solution include:
* Linux call control processing software base;
* Support of up to 5 000 telephones per server;
* SIP application integration for unified messaging, conferencing, and Microsoft Office Communications Server 2007;
* Single software stream for deployments from 10 users up to 65 000 users in a clustered configuration;
* HTML and XML support for business process integration;
* SIP trunking capability with full interoperability with major vendors; and
* Full-featured co-resident voice applications for messaging, collaboration, and mobility
“Voice is increasingly being moved into the data center where it is controlled in the same manner as other business applications for improved manageability,” says Andy Bull, director of Mitel South Africa.
“What we are enabling with the Mitel Communications Suite is the ability to bring together mission critical voice and unified communications applications on Sun servers in the data centre,” he says.
Integrated management tools make the infrastructure easier to manage and faster to deploy and decrease overall management costs.  IT managers familiar with Sun server functionality will reduce install times, increase security and ease of management, and lower overall costs.
Simplified management and single point provisioning for all voice services removes the need for adjunct servers, with scalability providing the ability to grow from 200 to 1 000 users in one box.  
Mitel will also add its Mitel Applications Suite solutions base to the same high performance Sun Fire X4150 server that carries the rich features of the Mitel call control. This will allow customers to consolidate applications such as Mitel NuPoint Messenger IP, Mitel Live Business Gateway, Mitel Teleworker Solution, Mitel Mobile Extension, and Mitel Audio and Web Conferencing all on a single server for simplified, cost effective deployment of solutions.
This solution also provides SIP / CSTA gateway connectivity for Microsoft’s Office Communications Server 2007 and allows for the extension of Microsoft presence capability to a host of Mitel applications including NuPoint Messenger IP, Mobile Extension, Customer Interaction Solutions, operator console, and many more.