Offering efficient, easy-to-manage backup and recovery protection from server to desktop, Symantec Backup Exec 12 for Windows Server is now available through Workgroup.

With granular recovery features and continuous data protection for critical Microsoft applications, Backup Exec helps ensure that business-critical data is efficiently protected and can be quickly recovered – down to an individual email or document.
This is according to Grant van Eck, Symantec product manager at Workgroup who says that Backup Exec 12 also introduces multi-product integration to simplify and enhance a company's ability to secure, backup and archive critical data.
The new integrated data protection features along with Endpoint Protection, Backup Exec System Recovery, Enterprise Vault and the new Symantec Online Storage makes Backup Exec 12 the new standard in Windows data protection.
"Backup Exec 12 offers a comprehensive data protection and recovery solution in one product suite, reducing the complexity of dealing with the backup and recovery of businesses most valuable asset – the data," says Van Eck.
"Whether that data resides on a Windows file server; on a desktop or laptop; or on a critical application server like Exchange, SQL or SharePoint, version 12 has the capability and compatibility to offer full protection and recovery for both data and systems."
Designed to meet the growing needs of today's businesses, Backup Exec 12 delivers complete disk-to-disk-to-tape data protection and recovery for Windows environments and now supports Windows Server 2008.
The solution provides traditional tape- and disk-based continuous data protection, eliminating backup windows altogether, speeding up data recovery and enabling end users to recover their own files without IT intervention.
The upgrade has delivered patent-pending Granular Recovery Technology (GRT) for critical Microsoft applications providing the ability to recover granular data quickly and efficiently from a single-pass backup.
"This technology eliminates the need to run Exchange mailbox backups to recover granular data; plus, SharePoint, SharePoint Services and Active Directory data can be restored quickly and easily," says Van Eck. "Users simply browse, select and restore the individual item for recovery in the database. It's that simple."
Backup Exec 12 also provides continuous data protection complementing the GRT by providing reliable, fast, disk-based data protection that continuously backs up transaction logs and assigns user-designated recovery points to eliminate the daily backup window.
In addition, each recovery point can be easily opened and browsed for restoration of a specific document or email in just minutes. Continuous data protection provides protection for Windows based file servers, Exchange servers, SQL servers and desktops or laptops.
Lastly, with Symantec Backup Exec Retrieve for file servers, end users can quickly retrieve their own files without the need for IT intervention.