Genesys Telecommunications Laboratories was selected as the leader in customer service for Frost & Sullivan’s most prestigious award, the 2008 North American Contact Center Applications Company of the Year Award. This award was presented to Genesys during a press conference at Alcatel-Lucent’s Enterprise Forum in Paris.

In selecting Genesys as the award recipient, analysts at Frost quantified several market factors including the number of new customers, new segments and commitment to business expansion coupled with market growth.
In 2007, Genesys played a major role in elevating the business conversation around customer service software and Genesys is now a name that crops up in almost every discussion with vendors and practitioners.
The Genesys suite cuts across a variety of markets, including in the inbound contact routing, IVR, speech technologies and standalone CTI spaces, and – according to the report – the company is a clear leader in the transition of contact centers towards IP-based technologies.
Additionally, the growing strength of Genesys in the hosted and managed services markets, along with its deep domain expertise in key vertical markets such as financial services, healthcare and telecommunications, places the company in a model position for continued success and making it the ideal choice for the Company of the Year Award.
"This award serves as recognition of Genesys’ extremely strong thought leadership role in continuously improving the customer experience," says Ashwin Iyer, global program manager for contact center & CRM, Frost & Sullivan. "Genesys created an effective marketing message around their Dynamic Contact Center model to help explain this new paradigm shift to enterprises.
"The Dynamic Contact Center aims to assist enterprises in taking an active role in responding to the ever-changing dynamics of customer service. It does so by dynamically aligning contact center resources and capabilities with customer needs, all within the scope of existing overall business objectives."
Paul Segre, CEO of Genesys, adds: "We’re pleased that Frost recognised Genesys with their Company of the Year Award as it’s recognition of our progress in 2007, including sustained double digit revenue growth, market expertise and the acquisition of key new technologies for business performance management to expand our portfolio of reporting and analytic software.
"This award also recognises our strong thought leadership role in continuously improving the customer experience in markets in which customer experience is the primary competitive differentiator for enterprises.
"Going forward, Genesys’ augmented capabilities in analytics and reporting for customer interaction organisations will ensure Genesys will be a competitive threat in all of the major segments of the contact centre market."