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Gestetner uncorks workflow solution for document bottlenecks


NRG Gestetner South Africa has added K2.Net, a workflow solution, to its expanding document management offering. This takes the company one step closer to fulfilling its long-term vision of providing clients with a complete electronic solution.

"With individuals in the workplace taking on more responsibility, skill sets becoming more specialised and more people becoming involved in making a process work, information exchanges are becoming exponentially more complex. This demands systems that can help people do their jobs better and work together quickly without fear of losing something in the shuffle," says Alan Austin, national sales manager at Gestetner.
K2.Net is a Windows-based application that sits on a company's server. It can automate workflow, such as document approval and inventory tracking, or pull together entire business processes, people, services, information and systems into one interface, to manage these in a way that eliminates redundancy and increases business efficiency.
For example, HR departments can use K2.Net to manage processes for requesting reviews, tracking performance and managing employee information such as leave requests, order processing and so on.
"Think about how often a document gets stuck in the system because it relies on human action to pass it on to the next decision maker. With K2.Net theseadministrative bottlenecks can be eliminated and decisions expedited to drive productivity and profitability," adds Austin.
A rich, graphical interface with easy-to-follow installation wizards enables the average (authorised) business user, to design workflows directly from a PC. K2.Net can also act as a full business process management solution with applications designed by the IT department. Its ability to be integrated into other Microsoft applications such as BizTalk and SharePoint further means its functionality can be extended way beyond traditional workflow.
K2.Net's easy-to-use tools free up valuable time for users to concentrate on core business activities. The security of information with K2.Net further supports compliance efforts.
"Another great feature is its use of existing business information and processes to connect people, eliminating the need for new investments in application development," adds Austin.
A partnership with SourceCode Technology Holdings will see Gestetner offer the locally developed software solution, K2.Net, to medium and large South African enterprises. K2.Net's solutions have been deployed by a growing number of Fortune 100 companies since its first release in 2000. Among its South African users are SARS, Edcon, and Didata.
"Gestetner is proud to offer our clients a platform for business and technical users to collaboratively assemble new solutions to drive business. Our other electronic document management services include document creation, document archiving and enterprise document delivery," says Austin.