After almost 14 months in development, Accsys, a national provider of HR and payroll management solutions, has announced that its new time & attendance (T&A) module, Accsys PeopleTime, is currently in beta testing and should be available to the market within four months.
The new module is 100% integrated into the Accsys Peopleware HR and Payroll suite.

While Accys PeopleTime is not a replacement for the company’s existing time & attendance solution, it does represent a key breakthrough in terms of seamless integration with Accsys Peopleware. It is designed using the same database on the backend which eliminates the need to load and then export information from one package to another.
“It is clear from the very positive feedback we continue to receive from our time and attendance clients that there is a need for higher levels of integration between this important aspect of business management and human resources and payroll. Motivation for the development of this module was based on the fact that users can benefit from technology that houses and collates all HR, payroll and time and attendance database information,” explains Liam Terblanche, CIO at Accsys.
“To give a practical example, in the past, if someone initiated a leave application, the relevant information would be processed from an HR and payroll perspective, but not on the time and attendance system, this meant that all information had to be re-entered on the T&A system as well”, says Terblanche.
“The new module is capable of running on either a LAN or a WAN,” he adds.
“In the modern workplace environment factors such as access control, security, productivity and efficiency have become paramount. Accsys PeopleTime adds a new dimension to complete control over the entire operation and ensures that the organization benefits from automatic, immediate information management.”