It's great the consumers are finding a voice and starting to complain about bad service. On the other side of the equation, though, call centre agents are usually unable to vent their frustration with "bad customers". 

“I think most people would be pretty shocked by what agents go through as part of their ‘normal’ workday,” says's director of customer contact, Rob Cate. “For instance, almost daily one of our agents will be asked to attend shows with callers, all-expenses paid, who then e-mail pictures that make even our most liberal employees blush.
"And I’ve heard equally startling stories from peers, like the guy who made a marriage proposal to an agent after a two-minute support call, or the lady who asked if she needed a computer to obtain high-speed Internet access.”
To honour the voice of the agent and inject a little humor into what is sometimes a very stressful job, Interactive Intelligence is launching a contest inviting contact centre agents to submit their most outrageous customer interaction stories. The more bizarre, wacky, preposterous, outlandish, unreasonable, or over-the-top, the better.
To provide a break from the madness, the Interactive Intelligence “Outrageous Interactions” contest winner will receive a trip for two to Hawaii. Participants submitting entry referrals are eligible for cash prizes.
The contest is open to contact centre agents and managers worldwide. Stories must be written in English, limited to 500 words or less, and can be based on customer interactions by phone, e-mail, letter, or Web chat.
The deadline for entries is 31 August 2008 and the winner will be announecd by 30 September.
To submit an entry visit