With load shedding over winter an almost certainty, the Dimension Data group, including Internet Solutions (IS), is taking no chances on outages and has installed three-phase uninterruptible power supplies (UPSs) at The Campus.

The nine 200 kVA and six 400 kVA Galaxy PW UPSes were supplied by MGE.

Nick Caldwell, GM of Dimension Data Facilities, says: "With 15 data centres residing in 18 buildings which house 60 tenants, we have to be able to provide 100% uptime with built-in redundancy at the Campus. The 200 kVA machines protect the network backbones and computer rooms within nine of our buildings while the 400 kVA units are situated in our main building.
"Each building has a stand-alone setup, including a UPS and generator running three specific areas – emergency lighting, central plug points and the facilities UPS. This enables the Campus to offer businesses within the office park 100% availability. In fact, despite numerous power failures recently, we know that the Campus can operate indefinitely. In a recent example, City Power was upgrading a substation which rendered the area powerless for two days, but we were not affected."
Caldwell tests the power protection system once a month by failing power to the buildings within the Campus and performs a full service once a quarter.
"The MGE products have helped us to prove that the Campus is the only office park that can remain operational during extended power failures, a factor that is most attractive to other companies looking for office space. We are essentially selling peace of mind from this perspective."
On the IS side, the company opted to standardise on the MGE range countrywide following a serious power outage around five years ago.
"Since the initial MGE product implementation, we have spent a lot of time and investment in design and product sets, with specific requirements per site, mostly utilising the MGE UPSes and their enterprise software to assist in remotely monitoring our usage," explains Gys Geyser, senior manager: operations at IS.
"Aside from the six 400 kVA Galaxy UPSes in Bryanston, we have also deployed six 300 kVA sets in Rosebank and two 400 kVA sets in Cape Town, which we will increase to six in due course. In addition, we plan to install another four 400 kVA machines in Bryanston."