KPMG has established the Africa Communications Centre of Excellence (ACCE) to work with organisations within the communications sector on their new or existing investments within Africa. 

Africa has seen monumental growth in recent years, with this trend set to continue allowing investors to increasingly view the continent as a growth target rather than an emerging market. This is particularly true in the communications sector where dynamic growth, fuelled by rapidly changing technologies, regulation and convergence, is resulting in the highest growth markets being outside the core developed ‘traditional’ economies.
This is creating unprecedented opportunities in this sector for new entrants as much as for established operators to leverage extraordinary growth and shareholder value, and has led to the establishment of the centre.
The KPMG Africa Communications Centre of Excellence, a first of its kind, will deliver a platform for companies looking to invest in Africa to allow them to capitalise on the growth potential within the continent, while still managing their risk with regard to regulation, competition and integration.
According to Johan Smith, director of ACCE at KPMG: "The broader communications sector in Africa is one that many companies, both locally and internationally, have recognised as a strong growth target for their business operations. However, we understand that there is a specific requirement to bring together a pool of experts who can advise companies around the real complexities that can be faced.
"As a result, ACCE will offer niche services that are focused on mergers and acquisitions, regulatory compliance and revenue assurance in the African market.”
Companies on the African continent that focus on the delivery of communications services face accelerating complexity as they have to compete on brand leadership, operating models, growth strategies, network synergies and footprints.
Consumers today are increasingly demanding enhanced converged communication services and seamless connectivity. Furthermore, trends such as the Web 2.0 paradigm shift have placed pressure on these organisations to be ready for change.
Time-to-market defines survival as customers increasingly control the value chain for every conceivable product by having instant choice, global comparison ability and pooled purchasing power.
“KPMG launched the Africa Communications Centre of Excellence (ACCE) to enable client readiness through a core team of dedicated local and international professionals,” adds Smith. “ACCE will operate as a central point of contact for clients, irrespective of location or where resources are drawn from, and will thereby support regional efforts across the African continent – contributing to standardisation, consistency and sustainability.”