Mimecast, a provider of online unified email management (UEM) solutions and services, has signed up Magix Integration as a business partner.

“Initially we became a Mimecast client since email is a key component of the way we conduct our business," comments Amir Lubashevsky, executive director of Magix Integration. "Within a few days of going live with the Mimecast service and following the first of our many power outages, we had more than reaped our return on investment with this solution.
“As our key business at Magix is within the governance and risk management space, we were already assessing an email management scenario prior to our adoption of Mimecast for our own business. Thus, it was a natural step for us to become a Mimecast business partner since this solution was complementary to many of the activities with which we are already involved,” Lubashevsky adds.
“In addition, we have already been instrumental in implementing the Mimecast UEM to several of our clients.