Mio Technology, manufacturer of car navigation systems, has partnered with wireless innovator Qualcomm Technology, to develop connected personal navigation devices.

With significant investments in research and development, the two conglomerates are creating the wireless technologies that power the mobile experience that consumers now want and need.
new connected PNDs will leverage Qualcomm’s technology with the QST1100 chipset to deliver industry-leading GPS performance and cellular connectivity for realtime traffic updates, voice call capabilities and more.
“Qualcomm’s legacy of wireless communications brings new possibilities to consumer devices, and we are very excited about our relationship with Mio that will bring cellular connectivity, GPS and application processing in a single chip to PNDs,” says Luis Pineda, senior vice-president: marketing & product management for Qualcomm CDMA Technologies.
"Personal navigation devices have been growing dramatically in popularity, and Mio is proud to be one of the first companies to offer the connectivity of cellular networks to PND users, making information access seamless and reliable,” says Samuel Wang, president of Mio Technology.  “We are happy to be working with Qualcomm to introduce a new family of PND devices that will allow people to explore more.”
Mio’s new connected PNDs will be based on the QST1100 chipset from Qualcomm, the first solution to integrate application processing, GPS and cellular connectivity into a single chip for ubiquitous connectivity and sleeker form-factors.  
The QST1100 chipset leverages Qualcomm’s gpsOne technology for unsurpassed GPS performance.  The fully integrated gpsOne solution supports numerous modes of operation and is the most widely deployed position-location solution in the world.