Pinnacle Micro has landed the exclusive distribution rights for Taiwan-based Ritek Corporation’s range of RiData optical media and flash memory products within southern Africa and rest of Africa.

Ritek is the largest optical media manufacturer in the world.
Hans Steyn, RiData brand manager at Pinnacle Micro, comments: “We have been in discussions with Ritek for more than a year and they spent at least six months doing an intense investigation into Pinnacle Micro to ensure that we are the right company to represent them in Africa – and that we possess the right knowledge and distribution prowess. At the end of the day they chose us to spearhead their push into Africa."
Steyn says the RiData range offers “huge potential for Pinnacle Micro in the storage media space”.
“This is an important strategic announcement and we believe the RiData range of optical media is going to make a big impact in the South African industry – and in Africa as a whole.
“Over the next 24 months the RiData range could make a substantial impact on our revenues flowing from the storage market sector.”
Steyn adds: “RiData is in the unique position that all of its products have been developed by RiTEK, the world’s leader in optical media. Of all the new developments in this fast-evolving optical media environment, RiData is the acknowledged forerunner.
“The rest of the branded names in the optical media business are only branded products – which are manufactured by various outsourced manufacturers throughout the world, stretching from Taiwan, China and India. But RiData is a brand manufactured by its own parent company. We believe this gives it an edge in the marketplace.”
RiData’s products come from its own manufacturing facilities, which include five facilities in Taiwan – and a brand new $180-million facility in Vietnam.
“Because the company manufactures its own product range it means that the range is put through the most stringent quality control steps. What is also really important to us is that RiData is clearly committed to the future of technology in the optical media technology environment. It has already made the very necessary – and very expensive – investment in this manufacturing commitment."